2 comments on ““Svengoolie” presents his big broadcast premiere of “Son of Kong” (1933), this Sat. on Me-TV

  1. King Kong (1933) has been my favorite giant monster movie since I first laid eyes on it as a wee lad on TV in the early 1960s. While Son of Kong (1933 – released just 9 months after King Kong) is clearly inferior to its predecessor – due mainly to a rush in production – it still holds a special place in my Monster Kid heart. It’s more comedic tone suits Robert Armstrong’s Carl Denham, who has a more significant role to play in this sequel. Even though “little Kong” doesn’t have as much screen time as his dad did (mostly due to the short run time of 69 minutes), there are still some memorable moments in the film. The battle of Son of Kong with the giant Bear is a highlight and his final scene (no spoilers) still chokes me up.

    I’m looking forward to watching Svengoolie’s MeTV premiere of Son of Kong; particularly because of the short running time, we’ll see it unedited and see more of Svengoolie!

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    • Greetings, Gregory!

      Glad you and all fellow super SvenPals everywhere enjoyed my article on Svengoolie’s upcoming big broadcast premiere of the RKO-Ernest B. Schoedsack classic creature masterpiece sequel to “King Kong,” “The Son of Kong” (1933)! We’re all looking forward to his big broadcast premiere of “The Son of Kong” along with extra Sven content during Sven’s first RKO feature film as part of the Warner Bros. syndication contract of classic features (counting the classic Warner and Warner-owned features and the studio’s ownership of the RKO/Turner/pre-1986 MGM holdings) for Me-TV!

      The first time that I caught the original RKO production “King Kong” (1933), along with “The Son of Kong” (1933) and the finale RKO “Kong” trilogy feature; “Mighty Joe Young” (1949) was on the old American Movie Classics (AMC) cable network growing up around the early-to-mid 1990s! And yes, the original RKO-Merian C. Cooper-Ernest B. Schoedsack production “King Kong” (1933) is the definitive feature of the entire series!

      I enjoy all of the classic RKO “Kong” trilogy features! And I do enjoy the battle sequence between the bear and “little Kong!” I highly agree that the comedic nature of the “little Kong” creature was more suited for Robert Armstrong’s characterization of Carl Denham in the RKO sequel!

      Very awesome, neat and cool that you first witnessed “The Son of Kong” (1933) on local broadcast TV growing up in the early 1960s, Gregory!

      And speaking about the original RKO production of “King Kong” (1933), I recently heard that Warner Bros. and Turner Classic Movies is going to re-issue the original 1933 RKO/Cooper-Schoedsack production of “King Kong” (as part of Fathom Events “Big Screen Classics”) series for one day only in participating theaters from-coast-to-coast on March 15! Though my nearest Cineplex hasn’t been added as of this writing (according to Fathom Events’ website) to the list of participating theaters, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my local Cineplex in my town will be added soon for the Warners/TCM/Fathom re-issue of “King Kong” (1933) so that I can experience the 1933 classic RKO creature masterpiece on the big screen! https://www.fathomevents.com/events/tcm2020-king-kong-1933?date=2020-03-15

      I have seen the original 1933 RKO/Cooper/Schoedsack production of “King Kong” numerous times on TV (counting the “old” AMC, Washington’s Public TV station; WETA-TV when they had the rights to the Warners/Turner package of RKO & pre-1986 MGM classics many years ago and Turner Classic Movies) and on my DVD copy (Warners’ 2005 restoration of the original 1933 RKO classic creature masterpiece)!

      Well, that’s all for now! See you and the entire crowd of fellow super Svengoolie SvenPals in the Me-TV airlanes this Sat. for Sven’s big premiere broadcast of “The Son of Kong” (1933), Gregory! We’re all jumping for joy! Keep up the wonderful and excellent work! Three cheers, two thumbs up, kudos, peace & “Hi-Keeba” to you, Sven, Kerwyn, Doug and the entire crowd of fellow super Svengoolie SvenPals everywhere, Gregory!

      -All the best,
      Chris Hamby

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