Multimedia Portfolio


“Trump’s Bad Hair Day” (Winner, MHz Networks’ “Shorties” Award for Most Promising Filmmaker, 2006)

A WORD TO THE WISE: I do not endorse Trump or any like-minded candidates.

Frederick County Career & Tech Center/CTC-TV Graphic ID Bumper (2006-07)

NewsCenter 23: “Pennies” (FCC, 2009)

NewsCenter 23: White House News Photographers’ Association “Eyes of History” Exhibit (Final FCC News Editing Project, 2009)

“Stink Bugs PSA” (FCC Biology Project, Winner of FCC’s Academic Achievement Award, 2010)

“Bike-To-Work Day” Highlights (City of Frederick, 2013)

“Frederick’s 4th” Highlights (City of Frederick, 2013)

Weinberg Center For The Arts: 2013-14 Season Advertisement (Final Project, City of Frederick, 2013)

Article that I wrote for The Woodsboro-Walkersville times (in January 2014) on how the town of Woodsboro had a movie theater that ran in the town's bank building from 1915 to 1953.

Article that I wrote for The Woodsboro-Walkersville Times on a movie theater that operated in the town from 1915-1953 (January 2015)

Profile: City of Frederick A/V Department (2014)

“Hood College Broadcasting Network” Opening Graphic Bumper & Voice-Over (Visual Media III, 2015)

Hood College Broadcasting Network: “Home Portrait Gallery Showcase” (Visual Media III, 2015)

Hood College Broadcasting Network: “Man On The Street- Which President would you like to be?” (Visual Media III, 2015)

Profile: Stephanie Lyons/Lyons Den Pictures (Final Project, Photojournalism. Spring 2015)

September 11th Remembrance Ceremony: Opening/Closing Graphic (with excerpt, City of Frederick, 2015)

“Halloween In Baker Park” Volunteer Ad (Narration/Post-Production/Graphics, City of Frederick, 2015)

Journey Through Hallowed Ground: Living Legacy Project Civil War Tree Planting Ceremony at Baker Park (Post-Production Editing and Graphics, City of Frederick, Fall 2015)

Ferris Wheel photo from the Great Frederick Fair (Photography II Project, Fall 2015)

Hood College “Campus News Story” Mobile Multimedia Slideshow Project: Campus Movie Screening (Fall 2015)

“Chris Hamby’s Silver Screen Journal” (Magazine Cover, Photography II, Fall 2015)

Weinberg Center For The Arts/Flying Dog Movie Series video slideshow of “This is Spinal Tap” (for multimedia group blog project, Nov. 27, 2015)

Frederick City/County Meeting Bumper (Internship/City of Frederick, 2015)

“Frederick History Moment: U.S.S. Frederick” (Pilot Episode/Final Project, Internship, City of Frederick, 2015)

Overview of Seton Center, Inc. (Non-Profit Charitable Organization, Independent Study Multimedia Project at Hood College, Spring 2016)

Complete Seton Center, Inc. YouTube Channel (created for Independent Study Multimedia Project at Hood College, containing video segments which were filmed and produced throughout the Spring 2016 semester)

Prototype advertisement created for the State of Maryland’s “Heart of the Civil War” geocaching initiative, produced as part of Intro to Public History Practicum at Hood College.

Hood College graduation photo appearance on Svengoolie and Kerwyn’s “Mail Call” segment during Sven’s Me-TV telecast of “Calling Dr. Death” (1943 Universal Studios “Inner Sanctum” mystery) on July 29, 2017 (recorded via fellow super SvenPal Fritz Freakenstein)

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