2 comments on ““Svengoolie” presents his big broadcast of “4D Man” (1959), this Sat. on Me-TV

  1. Have you heard the other ad for 4-D Man? They play it sometimes on Monster Kid Radio. It’s a one million dollar challenge if an audience member can replicate the feats of 4-D man in real life! Very William Castle.

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    • Greetings, Gemma!

      I’ve heard about the “$1 Million ‘4D Man’ challenge” spot advertisement (from “Monster Kid Radio”) before! I highly agree that Jack H. Harris and Universal were trying to emulate William Castle’s famous cinema classic macabre masterpiece “gimmicks” (from his Allied Artists and Columbia screen thrillers)! And I bet they were inspired by Castle’s “gimmicks” as well!

      My previous March 2019 blog post on Sven’s big Me-TV broadcast premiere of “4D Man” (1959) contains a brief section on the “$1 Million” audience gimmick for the Jack H. Harris-Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. feature, in case any audience member (during the original theatrical screening) could mimic the “4D formula” effects of Robert Lansing’s characterization of Dr. Scott Nelson! https://bit.ly/2kIeU2n

      Glad you and all fellow super Svengoolie SvenPals everywhere enjoyed my recent article on Sven’s upcoming Me-TV big broadcast of “4D Man” (1959)! See you all in the Sat. Me-TV airlanes, Gemma and all fellow super SvenPals everywhere! Peace, kudos, two thumbs up, three cheers and “Hi-Keeba!”

      -All the best,
      Chris Hamby


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