2 comments on ““Svengoolie” to showcase “Man-Made Monster” (1941), this Sat. on Me-TV

  1. I was surprised to read director George Waggner also directed one of my favorite Universal Monster movies (which also starred Lon Chaney, Jr.), “The Wolf Man” (1941). This got me curious about his other films as director and I noticed on IMDB that Waggner also directed the Comedy/Mystery/Thriller “Horror Island” (1941) for Universal. Both “The Wolf Man” and “Horror Island” were released on the same date (March 28, 1941) and with running times of 59/60 minutes respectively, I’m wondering if they ran as a double bill? Even though “Horror Island” (despite the title) isn’t a horror movie, I’m wondering if Svegoolie would be able to air it on his show? Keep up the great Svengoolie movie posts, Chris!

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    • Greetings, Gregory! Glad you enjoyed my recent blog post article on Svengoolie’s upcoming showcase of “Man-Made Monster” (1941)!

      Interesting that you brought up that Waggner’s additional Universal monster classics, “The Wolf Man” (1941) and “Horror Island” were both released on the same date! It might have been shown as a double-feature presentation in some theatrical markets. According to additional info that I recently found on IMDB, “Horror Island” (1941) was also paired with “Man-Made Monster” (1941) as a double-feature presentation by Universal! Source: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0033728/trivia?ref_=tt_ql_trv_1

      Depending on what Universal gives Me-TV to air on Sven’s show as part of the syndicated film package contract, there’s a good chance that Waggner’s “Horror Island” (1941) could pop up on a future Sven showcase! According to a search that I did on Sven’s official website, there has been no airings of “Horror Island” on his Me-TV showcases or on his hometown station in Berwyn/Chicago, WCIU-TV/”The U.”

      Universal might be working on a new restoration transfer of the film for television syndication (though I did hear that the film is available on DVD through Universal’s manufactured-on-demand “vault” series: https://www.uphe.com/movies/horror-island).

      That’s all for now! See you and all fellow SvenPals this Sat. for Svengoolie’s big broadcast showcase of “Man-Made Monster” (1941) on the airlanes of Me-TV! Peace and “Hi-Keeba” to you and all fellow coast-to-coast SvenPals, Gregory! -All the best, Chris Hamby


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