2 comments on “Svengoolie to premiere “The Blob” (1958), this Sat. on Me-TV

    • According to a Svengoolie fan’s listing of Sven’s coast-to-coast Me-TV broadcasts since 2011, “The Blob” (1958) is not listed in previous airings (only the upcoming May 12 broadcast is listed). My estimation is that those could have been earlier Sven broadcasts of “The Blob” (1958) on Sven’s hometown station, WCIU-TV/Chicago. Hope this helps, Tresix! Looking forward to the Sat. “big broadcast!” Peace/”Hi-Keeba!” -Chris Hamby, classic film enthusiast/loyal Svengoolie/Me-TV viewer since Me-TV came into the Washington D.C. market in 2013. Source: https://plus.google.com/+EdwardReedFanofSvengoolie/posts/iemxdV1scPR


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