2 comments on ““Svengoolie” to showcase “Calling Dr. Death” (1943), this Sat. on Me-TV

  1. Svengoolie has aired all but one of the INNER SANCTUM movies in the past two-and-a-half years. He first aired Calling Dr. Death 1943 on 5//7/16 (as you mentioned), Weird Woman 1944 on 1/31/15, Dead Man’s Eyes 1944 on 1/23/16, The Frozen Ghost 1945 on 9/3/16 and Pillow of Death 1945 on 6/11/16. The 5th film in the series, Strange Confession 1945, Svengoolie has yet to air. These mysteries don’t fall into the spectrum of Sci-Fi or Horror films that Svengoolie usually airs, but are nice short Universal B-movies, featuring actors that appeared in many of their Horror films. A bonus of these films running at about an hour, is that it leaves more time for Svengoolie comedy gold!

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    • Hi, Gregory! You are right about “Strange Confession” (1945) as one of the Universal “Inner Sanctum” features that hasn’t aired on Svengoolie’s showcase on Me-TV. My guess is that it might have to do with the television syndication rights from Universal, along with certain contractual agreements (with Uni) to run certain Universal horror features (along with a couple of pre-1948 Paramount features, which have been owned by MCA since the late 1950s for TV syndication). Though “Calling Dr. Death” may not fall into the category of a horror or sci-fi film, I am definitely looking forward to Sven’s presentation of the first “Inner Sanctum” feature (with his skits, fun facts, Doug’s song and Kerywyn’s mail call segment)!

      Peace (and looking forward to the fun live-tweeting session with you and the entire Svengoolie crowd this Sat. on Me-TV)! -Chris Hamby


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